FPC Bicentennial

Celebrating Our Bicentennial, Honoring Our Legacy

2016 is a banner year for celebrating. On January 21, 2016, our church will be 200 years old!

The mission statement we've adopted for our bicentennial year is in keeping with our continual focus: “A community of Christ serving with grace, hope, gratitude, love, and faith.” The theme for our special year is Celebrating Through Service. We're challenging every member of First Presbyterian to perform additional service to our church and community this year to honor our church's incredible history.

200th-LogoMany members of our church have contributed ideas for making our bicentennial year even more memorable. Careful consideration was given to each for its value in supporting our mission and theme. While other projects are in the works, those listed below are planned or are well into the planning stage. We invite you to join us as we celebrate and honor our church's legacy within the city of Raleigh and beyond.

A Bicentennial Commemoration Service at the State Capitol will kick off our celebration on January 21 at 7:00 p.m. It will include a gathering in the old House chamber and a bagpiper-led recessional back to Memorial Hall. There, a Scottish-themed reception will feature music and a “visit” by FPC forefather Dr. William McPheeters. Click here for detailed information. Reservations are required for the service at the State Capitol; the reception is open to all. You can also watch the service at the Capitol via live streaming back at our Edge Building.

FPC Families In Our 200 Years — Special displays feature photos and other memorabilia provided by families representing multiple generations of our church‘s history.

A First Presbyterian History — Campbell University professor Dr. Glenn Jonas will present the book he’s been commissioned to write at a book-signing event.

A Concert and Lecture Series will include concerts by FPC youth and an adult professional singing group and instrumental performances by FPC members.

Our Church Facilities Over Time — Photographs depicting historical and recent changes to our church will be shown on a flat-screen television.

Our Books of Remembrance contain a history of gifts made to the church. The books’ pages, now being digitally photographed for easier access by members, will be stored in a database and a hard-copy notebook in the library. Periodically during our bicentennial year, many of these pages will be displayed on flat-screen televisions.

FPC Reminiscing Page where you can post and share your fond memories of First Presbyterian Church.  Visit Here

Oral History — DVDs will be produced featuring interviews with FPC members who have had significant roles in the church’s recent history. The DVDs will be shown periodically on a flat-screen TV and be available for purchase.

Bicentennial Curriculum — The Christian Education Committee is developing lesson plans designed for youth who will assist teachers in helping students understand the significance of the FPC bicentennial.

Bicentennial Anthem — A special piece, commissioned by the Worship, Music, and Communion Committee, will have its premiere, performed by the Chancel Choir and Dr. David Covington in January.

Special Worship Services throughout the year will feature ministers previously associated with FPC.

200 Hours of Service — Members will be invited to account for the number of hours in 2016 they donate in service to the bicentennial theme, purpose and mission. Displays will illustrate these service activities, and participants will be recognized at the end of the year.

School of Grace — FPC member Anna Grace Thompson has volunteered to teach piano lessons to youth who might be unable to study the piano otherwise. (We are grateful to Anna Grace for this outstanding example of service.)

Bicentennial Promotional Items to help you remember our special year will be available for sale.

Stay tuned for more about these activities and opportunities as we approach 2016!

It is time to get excited about our birthday!