A Snapshot of Real Life

My wife and I had a recent trip to London, checking a big box on her bucket list. I had been several years ago as a chaperone on a Broughton High trip, which means I didn’t really see London. I spent all my time herding 16-year-olds onto subway trains and into museums and art galleries. This trip was…
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Pondering Generosity

As a personal testimony, I will tell you that I really miss the money I spent on salad shooters and shoes that hurt my feet and anything that has the words “anti-aging” on the label. But I have never missed a penny that I’ve put into the offering plate or pledged toward our mission of…
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Ed McLeod’s Blog Posts

Dear Friends, A recent conversation among clergy folks is that the church needs to become “missional”. It’s a made-up word, but it is suggestive of an important shift in how the church thinks of itself. At its heart, the idea of a “missional” church is best understood in contrast with a “consumer” church. In a…
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