How We Human Beings Operate

I watched an interesting human drama unfold last week that stirred me to reflect on how we human beings operate. I was in a football stadium, it was pouring down rain, the game was basically over and so the aisles were crowded with people trying to flee the dismal weather and the disappointing game. At the top of…
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A Snapshot of Real Life

My wife and I had a recent trip to London, checking a big box on her bucket list. I had been several years ago as a chaperone on a Broughton High trip, which means I didn’t really see London. I spent all my time herding 16-year-olds onto subway trains and into museums and art galleries. This trip was…
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Pondering Generosity

As a personal testimony, I will tell you that I really miss the money I spent on salad shooters and shoes that hurt my feet and anything that has the words “anti-aging” on the label. But I have never missed a penny that I’ve put into the offering plate or pledged toward our mission of…
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