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Early Birds

Throughout the year, we offer regular opportunities for fellowship, growth, and study.

Early Birds began as a Lenten devotional group for men in 1958, led by Dr. Al Edwards, still new to his job as pastor of First Presbyterian.  The men enjoyed the breakfast and each other’s company and the devotional talks so much that they kept the meeting going, and now meet each Wednesday morning in Memorial Hall at FPC.

Early Birds has continued through the years with a history of volunteer leadership, the most important of which are its cooks, who show up early on Wednesday mornings to get the biscuits made and the eggs, sausage and grits cooked.

The Earliest Birds are eating by 6:30 and the food line is open until about 7:15. At about 7:30, a Pastor, an Early Bird or a visitor speaks - a devotional or topical or humorous talk of about 20 minutes.  By 8:00, the flock is dispersed, with full bellies and hearts.

Early Birds members come from not only First Presbyterian but from other churches throughout the city.  It has been ecumenical since its earliest days.  Early Birds support missions in the city and in Bolivia and Haiti.

All men are welcome.