High School Youth Team

Everything you have ever wanted, is sitting on the other side of fear.The Youth team is a group of high school youth elected by and for their peers. They are assisted by Shari Frederick, Ron Matthes, and Beth Thaxton.

The online application can be found and completed here.

Make-up of the Youth Team

The Youth Team (YT) is made up of 10 members and 3 adults: 4 seniors, 3 juniors, 2 sophomores, and 1 freshmen.

Elections (revised on March 10, 2013)

Each spring, 4 youth (one from each grade level) are added to the youth team to serve beginning the next fall.

Interested youth will be invited to complete a Youth Team Application online and have it submitted for the committee to review.

Organization & Leadership Roles

To continue to give ownership in our youth program to our young people, members of the youth team will be invited to fill one of the following roles:

  1. Beach Trip Coordinator – works with the Advisors planning the beach trip on rec events, Friday night devotion, Saturday night worship, and other details.
  2. Mission Agency Coordinator – we partner with our mission agency just about once a month. This person would work with the youth advisors to plan, coordinate, and execute those mission events on Sunday nights.
  3. Class Dinner Coordinator – Class Dinners occur 4 times a year. This youth would work with the advisors to find hosts, lead parts of the discussion, recruit youth to RSVP, etc.
  4. Sunday Night Coordinator – Working with Beth, this youth would be a liaison to the advisors for Sunday night events, would help remind youth via text, etc.
  5. Bread for the Journey Coordinator – This youth would work with Sharon Starnes to coordinate supplies, remind youth, and continue our tradition with B4J!
  6. Christmas Tree Sales Coordinator – This youth would help recruit youth to sell Christmas Trees before/after worship and help promote our fundraiser for the mission trip.
  7. Variety Show Coordinator – Working with the advisor coordinator, this youth would be the liaison to the youth group for various aspects of the show (waiters, auctioning time/talents, skit).
  8. Youth Sunday Coordinator – This youth would be the liaison to the youth for their participation in youth Sunday.
  9.  Senior Sunday Coordinator – This youth would help involve the JUNIORS in celebrating our seniors on the first Sunday of June. Involvement would include: handing out Bibles in worship, helping coordinate and serve the brunch, etc.
  10.  Promoter - This youth would promote events like the beach trip, mission trip, montreat, etc. to the youth, remind them of deadlines, and keep everyone in the loop!

Monthly Meetings

The Youth Team meets on the second Sunday of the month after the second worship service. A meal is served (youth contribute $3) and we gather for a devotion and time of planning and evaluating.