Church School at FPC

Church School Classes for Adults

FPC offers adults a multitude of choices for the 9:45 a.m. Sunday Church School hour. If you are not presently attending a class, consider visiting a few classes. You can choose one from the following:

    • The Journey  (Edge Building, Rm. 310) Mostly married couples with children (30s to early 40s) who enjoy a variety of study topics, and gather at other times for outreach and social opportunities. See news about our exciting class project below!
    • Inquirer's Class (Baucom Parlor, across from the Sanctuary) A class for new church members or for those interested in joining First Presbyterian. Sessions provide information about the church's history, beliefs, and mission and provide opportunities to meet members of the congregation and staff.
    • Ed Greer Class (Edge Building Rm. 304) A study/discussion class that includes Bible study and elective study related to current issues.
    • Faithbuilders (Stock Building, Rm. D206) A class that focuses on spiritual development and family issues, using a varied curriculum and other resources. Many of the members are parents of teens and young adults.
    • Fides (Edge Building, Rm. 306) A discussion-oriented class  focusing on building a sense of community and family with one another through the teachings of Jesus Christ.
    • Phoenix Class (Edge Building, Rm. 314) This class is for singles and married couples in their late 20s to early 50s. The curriculum deals with current issues and biblical themes and is taught by a team of teachers. The text is usually a recently published scholarly study of a Christian theological topic that is selected because of its relevance to a contemporary audience. This class emphasizes discussion and encourages members to raise questions about each topic.
    • Rick Brand Class (Stock Building, Rm. F119) This class is a group of mixed-age adults exploring the serious challenges of Christian living in a global, contemporary society. What lessons can we learn from our forerunners in the faith and from those who travel alongside us on life's journey? How can we be better, more faithful Christians? The teaching is facilitated by a group of educators and former educators, but a lot of the learning comes from the lively and spirited discussion by all members of the class. Recent topics have included Micah 6:6-8; John Calvin; Kings I & II; Christianity, Judaism and Islam; and spiritual growth.
    • Seekers (Stock Building, Rm. D207) A class designed for in-depth Bible or book study with discussions taught by a team of teachers.

  • Tom Albright Class (Stock Building, Rm. F111) A large class of adults with several teachers. This class studies biblical texts related to leading a Christian life and spiritual development.
  • Vanguard Class (Vanguard Room, Sanctuary Building) A Bible-oriented class of men and women of all ages, focused on worship through song, scripture, Bible lecture, and discussion. The Uniform Lessons Series is used.

A few members of the former Koinonia Class, which has disbanded and joined other FPC classes, have published a history of this special class, which began formally meeting in 1945 as a class for young adults. Read their history to get a sense of how FPC Church School classes operate, and the types of things they have accomplished over many years.

Journey Class Book Project: Forgiven 

As a postscript to our Bicentennial celebration, the Journey Class is excited to present a book that every member of First Presbyterian will want as part of their personal library. It's called Forgiven: A Yearlong Journey Through Prayers of Confession from the First Presbyterian Church of Raleigh.

This book consists of prayers of confession that were compiled by the Journey Class as a project to help celebrate the Bicentennial in 2016. Forgiven provides the reader with a daily prayer of confession, written by pastors at our church from the late 1980's through 2016. Each month, an Assurance of Pardon is also provided to remind readers that we are all forgiven through the grace and love of Jesus Christ.

All of the prayers of confession found in this book were originally printed in our church’s bulletins. The prayers were transcribed and organized into a daily devotional format by members of the Journey Class. The book also includes artwork and photographs by Jerry Miller, Pamela Shank, and Laurie Slaughter. The class extends its appreciation to former member Kevin Lawson, who initiated the project, and to Dr. Ed McLeod, to former Associate Pastors Anna Dickson and Bob Inskeep, and to Bicentennial Committee Chair Fred Crisp III, for their invaluable help with the book project.

You need a copy of Forgiven on your nightstand, and it also makes a wonderful gift. Copies are now available through the church office during the week for $12 (please call the office and ask Mary Beth Wortham for details). You may pay by cash or check (with "Forgiven Book" on the memo line), or you can click here to order electronically. Please note that your payment will not be reflected in your statement of giving to the church, because you will receive something of value. And trust us, it really is "something of value."

Church School Classes for Children

Children's Church

During the regular worship service, children ages 5 and older who wish to attend Children's Church are escorted from the sanctuary by a teacher directly after the Children's Sermon. Their parents pick them up after the service. Katy Schafer is our Director of Children and Family Ministries. Please contact Katy if you have any questions.

Nursery and Preschool Division

A loving, safe, and age-appropriate environment welcomes our young children into our church family via our nursery. Paid staff assist volunteer leaders in providing activities and Christian learning opportunities and TLC. Children ages two to four hear, explore, and celebrate biblical stories about the life of Christ and key Bible characters. "Play'n-Worship" classroom materials are used for the older preschoolers.

Our Nursery and Preschool Division comprises the following age groups:

  • Crib Babies
  • Toddlers
  • 2-Year-Olds
  • 3- and 4-Year-Olds

Elementary Division

Elementary-age children explore major biblical stories, events and characters and how those stories speak to their own lives. Creative activities such as art, drama, puppetry, music and writing involve the children in active learning. Teachers use "Live B.I.G!" (PCUSA) resources to structure the lessons.

Our Elementary Division comprises the following age groups, with classes available during the Church School hour (9:45-10:45 a.m.):

  • Kindergarten
  • Grades 1 and 2
  • Grade 3
  • Grades 4 and 5

Church School Classes for Youth

FPC considers ministries to children to be an essential part of the church's overall mission. A full-time staff member, Beth Thaxton, serves as Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries. Contact her for more information about Church School classes for children and youth, or to make suggestions.

The following Church School classes are available for youth during the Church School hour (9:45-10:45 a.m.):

  • Grades 6 - 8: ( Stock Building, Rm. E205) This class follows the Covenant People Presbyterian Curriculum. Topics include living within a covenant, being disciples, baptism, communion, and many others.
  • Grades 9 - 12: ( Stock Building, Rm. E206) This class studies various electives, each led by different teachers. Topics include "being Presbyterian", self-esteem, preparing for college and career, and many other areas of interest to this age group.
  • Confirmation Class: ( Stock Building, Rm. D205) This class is an activity-based program exploring the student?s journey of faith and growth in Christ. Its purpose is to prepare our young people for their confirmation as full communing members of the church. Confirmation class is for 8th graders and up and runs from November through Palm Sunday.